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Beautiful fillable workbooks for your students.

Are you like Tom? Do you want to create workbooks for your students, leaders, or facilitators?

Mogo gives you the tools to stand out from the marketing noise and deliver a custom interactive workbook with questions you create. No need to design anything. Simply add your content, images, videos and most importantly your questions, and our platform does everything else.

Deliver content with ease.

If you're delivering your content as Video and PDF's, you'll love the easy to use workbook builder. After all, printing PDF's is kind of a pain, and plus... is there ink in that cartridge? Without printing anything, your members type in their answers and it saves automagically.

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Want to sell your Workbooks?

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Sell your workbooks a variety of ways. Offer memberships and, or a-la-carte pricing options

As an author or aspiring program writer, selling your content is on the top of the list. MogoBooks gives you options when it comes to making money. Create multiple membership packages or sell individual workbooks, it's up to you.

Workbooks and Private Training

If you are interested in creating workbooks for training, Mogo is the place to do all of that and more. You can offer downloads, online training portals, and exclusive coaching workbooks. Mogo helps those you wish to train stay connected to your resources.

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Reporting that matters!

Get access to the reports from your members that interact with your workbooks. Use workbooks as a way to acquire new subscribers. * Custom reports only available for MogoBooks Custom accounts.

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