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Discover and Enhance Your Leader P.O.V. ®

The clarity of a leader’s self-identity is one of the strongest predictors of leadership effectiveness. 

Those leaders who can articulate and share their leadership philosophy - their Leader P.O.V.® (point of view) - in a concise, compelling, and memorable way will enjoy increased influence and overall effectiveness.

Connected Leadership: Exploring Your Leader P.O.V.® provides writing prompts for reflecting on leadership experiences, values, beliefs, and principles. 

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Clarify Your Leader Intention and Leader Self-Identity

Journal questions will lead to the writing and articulation of a highly personalized philosophy of leadership, known as the Leader P.O.V.® (Point of View) Statement.

A Leader P.O.V.® is shaped by prior experiences and is changed, clarified, or strengthened by insights gained from journaling and new learning. It conveys to others the essence of one’s leadership and sets forth:

• What the leader believes to be the leader’s role and responsibilities and the basis of relationships between leaders and followers.

• Why the leader chooses to be a leader and what the leader hopes to accomplish as a leader – the leadership intention.

• The beliefs, guiding principles, philosophy, and non-negotiable expectations that influence who the leader is and what the leader expects of others.

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Who Is Using the Connected Leadership Journal?

Leader Development Program Participants

The journal is selected by learning professionals as it is a tool for preparing participants for leader development activities. Post session journaling is assigned to integrate new learning into one's thinking and to extend the learning beyond the classroom to real world application.  

Coaching Clients

The journal is a favorite tool of professional coaches working with individuals or groups. Assigning and discussing journaling questions encourages reflection on that which has shaped, and could help clients clarify, their leadership purpose, passion guiding principles, and values. 

Organizations-Aligning Values & Leader Behavior

The journal is chosen by facilitators guiding conversations in organizations that are seeking to create a clarity and consistency around the intention, values, language, and behavior of all leaders.  Particularly valuable to organizations addressing their culture and values.

College and University Students

The journal is used in the classroom and in student development programs at colleges and universities seeking to provide intentional leadership development.  The journal has been "mapped" to show alignment of journal topics and questions with CAS Standards and Dr. Corey Seemiller's Student Leadership Competencies.

Future, Emerging & Experienced Leaders

The journal is a choice for leaders at all levels, and at all points in their leadership careers.  Because the questions prompt the leader to reflect on where they have been, where they are, and where they aspire to go, the journaling experience is based on each leader's personal journey.

Leadership Teams

The journal is used by team building professionals when facilitating team development to strengthen team alignment and shared accountability. Especially useful for helping individual leadership team members recognize and embrace their role as members of the leadership team, in addition to their role as leader of a team.


Old Dominion University Student

I learned the importance of reflection.  At the beginning I did not feel like a leader.  I had not held any leadership positions. Mid-semester my attitude changed.  I started to realize I am a leader.  I should strive to be the best leader I could be.  By the end of the semester I had a new mindset.  I am a leader.  I can do anything I put my mind to.

about 1 year ago

Coaching Client of Journal Author Dr. James P. Sartain

You provided me with the ability to see my potential and gave me the encouragement and confidence to develop my leadership style. Our conversations about my journaling helped me undercover it.

about 1 year ago

IT Leadership Team Member

Before our team building and series of lunch and journal discussions we focused on leading our departments. Now we also act upon an agreement about our shared role of leading our company.

about 1 year ago

University Golf Coach

I revisit my Leader P.O.V.® and journal constantly. The act of journaling to clarify my point of view was not only an incredible exercise in the moment, but the succinct Leader P.O.V.® that resulted has become the barometer I use to make sure I’m staying true to the best version of myself.

about 1 year ago

Matthew Battista, Connected Leadership Program Participant

It was the exploration and discovery of my leadership point of view where I saw my growth and potential for endless possibilities as a leaders.  Sharing the experience with a diverse group of my peers allowed for rich and dynamic conversations of our philosophies surrounding leadership styles.

about 1 year ago

Supervisor of Technical Support, Fortune 500 company

The Connected Leadership journal has given me a chance to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and implement strategies to grow and improve. The easy to use format, coupled with probing questions has formalized my self-identity as a leader and improved my leadership effectiveness.

Supervisor of Technical Support, Fortune 500 company

about 1 year ago

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